Over the years we have formed some very special friendships with exceptionally talented friends. These friendships have led to videos produced, photographs taken and musical opportunities the band hadn't even dreamed of. In September of 2011 we entered the studio to record new music with our friends Producer Denton Tobenski and Engineer Taylor Bray. We took our time, tracking in several great rooms throughout Middle Tennessee over the course of about 8 months. The recordings were finished but mixing and mastering remained incomplete until Veteran Mix Guru Marc Frigo was engaged this past fall to help us push the project across the finish line.

"Back and Forth," the second in a series of singles Produced by Denton Tobenski, Engineered by Taylor Bray and Mixed/Mastered by Marc Frigo, was written during the sessions for the Goalrilla G Trainer commercial and should be the soundtrack for your next workout!

Now Available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay and other fine purveyors of digital media.

"Rise And Fall" was originally written in 2010 during the sessions that yielded "I Won't Let It Go" for the Bear Archery ad campaign. Instead of soliciting funds to put out a full record or EP we plan to release one track at a time giving our friends, families and fans the opportunity to appreciate each song individually and decide just where it might fit in your playlist! Thank you for supporting Salient for over a decade now and ENJOY!



You Are Light

2014$0.99 Producer: Denton Tobenski Single
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Back and Forth

2014$0.99 Producer: Denton Tobenski Single
$0.99 at iTunes »

Rise and Fall

2014$0.99 Producer: Denton Tobenski Single
$0.99 at iTunes »

I Won't Let It Go

2011$0.90 Producer: Allen Salmon Single
$0.90 at iTunes »

The Constant State of Change

2009$9.90 Producer: Barry Blair Includes My Security, Adaptation, Home + 7 more
$9.90 at iTunes »

Dawn Follows Dark

2008$9.90 Producer: Dave Clo Includes Closer to You, Head on Hurt, Tightrope + 7 more $9.90 at iTunes »
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A lot can happen in 10 years. In the fall of 2002 the first Salient show took place at a coffee shop in the back of a music store near downtown Nashville, Tennessee. By the summer of 2004 the band was on the road full time playing camps and clubs across the country in support of their first full-length album. Subsequent albums followed in 2006 (Salient – EP), 2007 (Dawn Follows Dark) and 2009 (The Constant State of Change) as the band played hundreds of shows to enthusiastic crowds and put thousands of miles on their semi-reliable van. In 2010 the band achieved placement in programming on Investigation Discovery and recorded the first of several commercials for products like Bear Archery's "Bear Carnage" and Goalrilla as well as contributing material to the promotional efforts of a Global Security firm that happened to share its name with a Salient Song... In 2012 Salient stepped back and took a light-hearted Hiatus as families grew and jobs changed. While staying closer to home the band spent some quality time in the studio recording new songs that will set the pace for the next 10 years of Salient.

Yes, a lot can change in 10 years, but some things stay the same. Salient is still producing compelling music with Bobby Reinsch's soaring guitars and Mark Duckworth's epic melodies while Bassist Craig Woelber and Drummer Preston Lane lay down the rhythms to make the world dance.